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What to Wear | Spring 2014 Guide

Colors Of The Rainbow

I am excited to share with you my Spring 2014 what to wear guide.  Lot’s of great color pops and textures for your Spring photo session with Heleyna Holmes Photography. Check it out!



In ancient times, the creation of purple dye was an incredibly lengthy, expensive process. Purple garments became a symbol of wealth and nobility, even royalty; and were sought after world-round. Although violet is now far easier to come by, the color is still associated with its royal roots. A violet-themed portrait session exudes playful sophistication and looks great on camera! Small accents of purple, such as scarves and accessories, can also liven up and otherwise muted palette!




Indigo – or deep blue – is a rich, exceedingly popular color which looks beautiful in almost any setting. Outfits with blue elements create a sense of calm and quiet – perfect for a more introverted family or natural backdrops. Blue can be dressed up or down to fit your tastes, and can be used either as a main color or accenting in your outfits.




Nothing says fresh and new quite like the color green! Green comes in a wide array of shades, ranging from a yellowish, pea-like hue all the way to turquoise! Green looks beautiful combined with earth tones, and therefore makes a wonderful choice for outdoor shoots and backdrops of wood and stone. Even small accents of green, such as jewelry, scarves, or shoes, look wonderful with whites and tans.



Ah, yellow! The color of happiness, of light and sunshine. Yellow is a wonderful

color to wear in outdoor, buttery natural-light shoots, and looks amazing on
camera! Although yellow can be difficult for some to wear because of its tendency to wash out skin tones, patterns with yellow or a single yellow garment in an otherwise neutral palette adds wonders to your images. Adding yellow florals, jewelry, or accents also helps to make your photos go “POP!”. We love yellow!




Orange is a tangy, optimistic color that demands attention! Strong, joyful, and happy, adding orange to your photography session is always a hit on camera. Families with a more extroverted nature might enjoy orange-themed outfits. Orange also looks wonderful in urban settings, such as against concrete, brick, and stone.




Red is one of, if not the, strongest of colors in the rainbow. A symbol of power, passion, blood, and love, red is a bold and striking color for any session. Since red is truly a brilliant, attention-grabbing color, we recommend peppering your outfit with red accents instead of making red the main color for all garments. Pairing red with denim or darker neutral tones makes for striking images that create lasting impressions on your wall.

Feeling inspired by all this spring color? Contact Heleyna Holmes today at  or by phone at 206.245.5060 I look forward to working with you!

Seattle Washington | Spring Studio Special


I am SO very excited to share my new natural light photography studio with you all.  I have been in need of a dedicated photography space for a very long time. This Spring the answer came in the form of a beautiful in home natural light studio. My studio space is PERFECT for child and family photography.  It is located in the Wedgwood neighborhood of NE Seattle.  I of course will still offer my outdoor award-winning child and family photography but am excited to have an indoor option for those wetter Seattle days.

I have had so much fun decorating and planning themed shoots for the coming months. Currently Heleyna Holmes Photography Studio is offering  spring studio session. Cost is $249 and include a 20 min session and 5 digital files. Please email me at to receiver your spot.  I look forward to seeing you all in studio this spring. Love, ~Heleyna


3 Tips for Photographing Childhood Lovies | My Bunny Baby

Meet my Bunny Baby, the youngest member of the Heleyna Holmes Photography family.  Sonja is my second born and such a sweet girl.  Very early on Sonja had a deep connection with one particular stuffed friend.  A soft white rabbit she named “Bun”.  Bun and Sonja are best buds.  Seeing Sonja’s love for her “Bun” quickly got my mommy/photographer wheels turning.  I wanted to capture Sonja’s connection with her first true love. I knew this shoot should be candid and genuine. Much like their many hours of play at home.

Any photographer will tell you, photographing your own children can be a challenging. This is so very true for both of my children. With that said, this shoot was a huge success. Having Bun in tow was surly the trick! I was able to capture many genuine interaction. Here are 3 tips to help you photograph your little one and their lovie.

1.Step Back- you don’t closely oversee normal day-to-day play. Take a step back, let your child get into their play zone.  Put on your long lens and watch the magic happen. I shot most of this session with my 70-200mm 2.8 lens.

2.Natural Interaction-Once you have captured your child’s natural connection try suggesting interaction.  From a distance I found myself saying things like “Bun needs a tickle” or “Can you give Bun a kiss?”

3.Don’t Push It-If the gig is up do not push it.  Remember we are going for genuine interactions here. The last thing you want is for your child to force a smile.  This should be fun! 

Now get out there and photograph those precious first loves!!!

Heleyna Holmes is an award-winning child and family photographer in Seattle Washington. She lives in NE Seattle with her husband and two young children.Heleyna Holmes Photogrpahy-The Lovie Project-007Heleyna Holmes Photogrpahy-The Lovie Project-011Heleyna Holmes Photogrpahy-The Lovie Project-005Heleyna Holmes Photogrpahy-The Lovie Project-013Heleyna Holmes Photogrpahy-The Lovie Project-014Heleyna Holmes Photogrpahy-The Lovie Project-015Heleyna Holmes Photogrpahy-The Lovie Project-017Heleyna Holmes Photogrpahy-The Lovie Project-002Heleyna Holmes Photogrpahy-The Lovie Project-003Heleyna Holmes Photogrpahy-The Lovie Project-004Heleyna Holmes Photogrpahy-The Lovie Project-001

Hello World | Seattle WA | Award-winning Child and Family Photographer

Seattle Washington Award-wining Child & Family Photographer

| Heleyna Holmes Photography |

Hello World!

Over the past month I have been revamping the Heleyna Holmes Photography website.  Many of you received emails titled “Hello World”.  What they should have said was, I goofed…again! (There was a slight learning curve).

Hey, I am an award-winning photographer not a web designer! 

With a little help from the fine folks at ProPhoto the Heleyna Holmes Photography website is up-and-at-’em once again. Should you ever need a beautiful photo blog ProPhoto comes highly recommend.

In the weeks to come I will be announcing workshops with the Seattle Momtogs. I also will be offering one-on-one mentoring sessions. To top it all off, Heleyna Holmes Photography will be debuting our first studio space.

Should you need to reach me during all the fun you can do so at  or you can always give me ring 206.245.5060