Cherry Blossoms – Seattle Mom & Dad Togs

Cherry Blossoms – Seattle Mom & Dad Togs

 Last week my group the Seattle Mom and Dad Togs held our first meet up of 2017. In true Seattle Mom and Dad Tog fashion we started our meetup season with cherry blossom in Seattle. This year we headed to the Montlake Community Center to check out the beautiful blooms it had to offer. I am happy to report we hit the ever-so-fleeting cherry blossoms just right.

Beautiful spring cherry blossom have arrived in Seattle.

Cherry blossoms have become a Seattle Mom and Dad Togs tradition. I very much look forward to this meet up with friends and fellow photographers each year. This year I decide to bring my new bubble machine along for a little added fun. The bubbles and cherry blossom together were so much fun for the kids. I loved the genuine connections and interaction the bubbles added to the meetup.

Seattle Mom and Dad Tog meetups are a blast for both parents and kiddos. I love planning Spring-Fall meetups for photographers at all skill levels. If you are a photography lover and are interested in meeting up with us, I would love for YOU to join us. You can find us at our group Facebook page.

As for spring sessions – stay tuned this week for two more amazing Spring family photo session to hit the blog.


Pssstttt:  SPRING MINI SESSIONS have just been added to our online booking system. Official blog post coming later this week. Scoop one up today for best availability!


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